AAC Email List Info and Etiquette

Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College email list provides a forum for posting how many booklets you handed out, discussing issues that arise with leafleting, and creates a community of people who can support each other. The list also helps Vegan Outreach (VO) keep track of where our booklets are handed out, ensuring that different colleges are being leafleted and that we are not duplicating our efforts. VO also uses the information in our fundraising materials which allows us to print and send more booklets.

You can opt for only one summary email per day. See the Daily Digest section below.

Joining the Adopt a College Yahoo Groups Email List

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By joining our email list, you are agreeing to keep posts confidential and not to forward, distribute, or disseminate them to anyone without the express, written consent of a Director of Vegan Outreach. You are also agreeing to be associated with Vegan Outreach so that all postings are considered the copyrighted, private property of Vegan Outreach with all rights reserved. Please also read the list rules below.

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You cannot read messages or post to the list without joining the group.


Anything you post and your email address will be viewed by other members, but cannot be viewed by the general public. Vegan Outreach often uses excerpts from posts in our e-newsletter. If you prefer that we first ask your permission, please let us know.


To send a message to the group, send an email to AdoptACollege@yahoogroups.com from the email address you used to join the list. You can also post from the AAC Yahoo Groups website.

The list is moderated, so your post will not go through until a moderator has a chance to approve it.

Leafleting Numbers

Entering the leafleting numbers into our database is (happily) very time consuming, but you can help us if you list them at the top of the email in this format:

Date Leafleted
Location, City, State
First and Last Name – Number of Flyers
Total VO Flyers
School notes for AAC website

For example:

Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
Jack Norris – 250 EI
Jon Camp – 230 WV
Total – 480
Notes: Best spot is walkway near library. Free parking in visitor lot.

Please don’t use acronyms for schools, and remember that we probably don’t know who you are just by your email address.


We encourage you to share photos you’ve taken while leafleting. Pictures of people who were moved to change their diets as a result of receiving a booklet are particularly useful for promoting the AAC program. Please attach hi-res images to your post, and include caption information in your text.

New Member Intro

We always like new people to send a quick post to introduce themselves and say where you live and plan to leaflet.

Daily Digest

There are normally about 15 posts a day. To receive only one message per day that includes all of that day’s posts:

  1. Log into your Yahoo Groups account at: http://groups.yahoo.com/.
  2. Go to My Groups, then to AdoptACollege, then to Edit Membership, and then to Message Delivery.
  3. Choose: Daily Digest.


Send an email to AdoptACollege-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com from the email you used to join.

List Rules

Vegan Outreach is very appreciative of the all the leafleting that our activists do, and censoring posts is rare. But in order for this list to run smoothly, we must ask that you follow some basic rules.

  1. Please stay on topic. This list is for posting leafleting numbers and talking about leafleting tactics. It is not for general animal rights news or for debating or pushing a specific animal protection philosophy (other than Vegan Outreach’s – it’s our list :).

    If you have a question as to whether a post is on topic or if we will make an exception, please send it to JackN@VeganOutreach.org.

    The list moderators reserve the right to make or approve off-topic posts.

  2. We rarely allow a post through that is only made to say “Great job,” “Thank you for your help,” or to make a joke. Send these off-list.

  3. Please don’t criticize other animal rights groups, or relay criticisms of other animal rights groups, in your posts.

  4. Please try to keep your posts brief!

    We like to know exceptional things that happened and if anyone told you they went veg*n from getting a booklet previously, but please try to limit posts to 250 words or less except in extraordinary circumstances. Remember that “less is more” if you want your post to be read.

  5. If responding to a post, please cut out everything except what is necessary for your response from the previous post. This makes the Daily Digest easier to read.

  6. Moderators reserve the right to edit profanity, sexual innuendo, or anything we think might be found offensive to members, without notice or explanation (sorry, we don’t have time for discussing every instance). We also reserve the right not to do so.

Thank you for taking an interest in Adopt a College!